Plymouth 400 Celebration

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America’s first settlers rode the Mayflower from the United Kingdom, landing at Plymouth Rock and later establishing Plymouth Colony, the first colony in what would later become the United States. 400 years later Plymouth, Massachusetts and the entire country will rally together to celebrate this momentous occasion in America’s history.

What is the Plymouth 400 Celebration?

The Plymouth 400 Celebration will be a year-long series of festive events, exhibitions, and programs to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620. This historic anniversary will highlight the American traditions that began with America’s first settlers and their interactions with the Wampanoag people which led to what we now know as Thanksgiving, as well as the cultural impact of this event that helped shape America’s ideals of freedom, exploration & discovery.

When is the Plymouth 400?

The Plymouth 400 ceremonies are slated to begin in November 2019. The opening ceremonies will include a 2-hour event attended by 1,620 guests ranging from Mayflower descendants, representatives of indigenous nations as well as numerous celebrities and various heads of state.

A gigantic undertaking by the city of Plymouth, its citizens have been anxiously awaiting the Plymouth 400 for years. Initial phases of preparation began as far back as 2013 when 275 volunteers from over 20 different states descended on Plymouth to repaint the interior of the Mayflower II in addition to repair and refurbishment of key historical sites. As well as infrastructure upgrades in what will become some of the most trafficked areas of the city when the celebration begins (Court, Leyden, Market, Water, and Summer streets).

How to get to the Plymouth 400 Celebration?

With participation in the year-long even anticipated in the millions, there is no easier way for you and your group to experience the Plymouth 400 than with a charter bus rental with Plymouth & Brockton.

Whether a local or just visiting Plymouth, the 400 Celebration is the perfect opportunity to experience the many historically significant areas of our amazing city. Explore Plymouth from Boston, or anywhere in the US or Northeast with Plymouth & Brockton. We can get you to and from all events during the celebration in style on one of our many charter bus rentals, perfect for groups of any size. We specialize in transportation needs for large-scale events, school & group trips and more. Contact us at (508) 746-0378 or Click Today to book your charter bus with Plymouth & Brockton.

Plymouth 400 Celebration - Plymouth & Brockton
Plymouth 400 Celebration - Mayflower - Plymouth & Brockton
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