Marshfield Service Update

Due to the construction at the Furnace Brook School — Effective Monday, April 9, 2018 – the Marshfield bus stop will  be relocated to  
83 Enterprise Dr @ Crown Automotive Sales  instead of the unpaved lot on Proprietors Dr.

Per the request of the property owner, please be sure to only park in the spaces near the street.


Travel Reminder

We do on occasion use the services of other bus lines to assist us during the busy seasons.  Be sure to look for either Brush Hill, McGinn or Flagship buses on our Boston and Logan routes.
In addition, look for Funk Bus on our Provincetown route.

All drivers have been instructed to be on the look out for our passengers, but it doesn’t hurt to flag down the bus & check with the driver, to be sure.

We appreciate  your patience and patronage.


Sagamore Bridge Work

Sagamore Bridge lane closures planned for 55 days 

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers will be performing necessary  repairs to the Sagamore Bridge – 24 hours per day for at least 55 days – beginning March 27th or 28th 2018.  During this time the bridge will be reduced to 1 lane in each direction.

(Revised Date:  4/2/2018)

Please be sure to allow sufficient travel time for your trip as we cannot predict when &/or how long delays may impact traffic.