Wi-Fi Zone Advertising Program

Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company is pleased to offer a new platform for our community business partners to interact directly with our customers. These sponsoring advertisers will have the opportunity to target their messages through our entire fleet of motorcoaches.

When passengers connect with P&B’s Wi-Fi Zone, they’ll be prompted to accept the Acceptable Use Policy before they’re connected to the internet. Once they accept, users then will be redirected to a Wi-Fi ad from one of our sponsoring advertisers. Once they have viewed the ad, users will have the option to move on to their desired internet site or if the user wants more information, to a website designated by the advertiser (such as a homepage, special offer, etc.).

Our scheduled route passengers consist of residents and visitors to & from Cape Cod, the South Shore, and the Boston Region. Our chartered passengers travel with us throughout the entire Northeast. Full-screen ads will be offered on a rotating basis, with a maximum of 6 ads in the rotation. This means that at any given time when a user logs-on, one of the 6 ads will be presented.

For more information contact a P&B representative at 508-732-6026 or