Blessing of the Fleet

2019 Blessing of the Fleet and Provincetown Portuguese Festival !

The Blessing of the Fleet is a centuries-old tradition that began in Mediterranean fishing communities. A local priest or member of the clergy would bless the ships taking off to sea, in hopes of a bountiful and plentiful season. Centuries later, the tradition would be brought to the United States by the descendants of those original fishing communities.

Today all along the coast of New England as well as various sights around the U.S., the Blessing of the Fleet celebrations take place every summer. Two of the top celebrations in New England take place in Boston and Provincetown.

The Boston Blessing of the Fleet coincides with the Boston Seafood Festival. Attendees to the festival can take part in the Blessing and then indulge in a day full of sensational seafood, clam bakes, beer, and cooking demonstrations. Attendees can also participate in the “Battle of the Shuckers” contest, which seeks to find the best Oyster shucker in Boston with the first place winner receiving $500 cash plus unlimited bragging rights.

The Provincetown Blessing of the Fleet will be held from June 27th-30th, 2019 in Provincetown, MA. and is also known as the Provincetown Portuguese Festival.

This festival is meant to honor the seafaring heritage of Provincetown as well as the many Portuguese immigrants, many of whom were sailors, that immigrated to Provincetown in the early 1900s. The 4-day festival is filled to the brim with family friendly activities, tons of great seafood, live music and of course a parade. Visitors to the festival are encouraged to Click Here for a full list of the festival’s activities.

With service from Boston and Provincetown and stops all along the way inbetween, visit a Blessing of the Fleet festival near you with transportation provided by Plymouth & Brockton. Larger groups are encouraged to book a Charter Bus with P&B or Click Here for our full schedule and list of all of our stops from Boston to Provincetown.

Boston - Provincetown - Blessing of the Fleet
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